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Welcome to the Tourism Enterprise Partnership

To be the premier enterprise development partner for small tourism businesses in South Africa
To facilitate the development and sustainability of micro, small and medium enterprises so as to contribute to job creation, economic development and transformation in the tourism sector.
  • Inspirational leadership
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Promote innovation
  • Responsible tourism
  • Exceed expectations
  • Total quality delivery
  • Sustainability
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Tourism Enterprise Partnership - Step up to your potential


Company Overview


The Tourism Enterprise Partnership (TEP), a Non Profit Company, is one of the longest standing and most successful public private partnerships in South Africa. TEP facilitates the growth, development and sustainability of small tourism businesses. This is achieved through a number of products and services that provide hands-on, step-by-step support and guidance, ultimately leading to improved product quality, operational efficiency and market reach.

TEP Origins

The Tourism Enterprise Programme was initially launched by the Business Trust in July 2000 as a four-year job creation programme in the tourism industry. Following good performance it was extended and expanded with additional funding from the Business Trust and the then Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism and evolved into what is recognized as a very successful job creation programme in the South African tourism sector.

Since its inception the programme had been a limited duration project managed by an independent consulting agency. Due to its success and to ensure sustainability for the long term of enterprise development it was decided to institutionalize the programme.

This process was completed and on 1 April 2008 the newly founded and independent Tourism Enterprise Partnership officially took over management of this seven year old economic development programme.


Funding for TEP’s Small Tourism Business development interventions is provided by the National Department of Tourism as well as the private sector who, after the winding up of Business Trust in September 2011, continue to invest in TEP through its Enterprise Development Portfolio (EDP).

Legal Entity

Legal Name : Strategic Partners in Tourism (Non-Profit Company)
Operating Entity : Tourism Enterprise Partnership (TEP)


Job Creation through Enterprise Support - To improve the performance and increase the profitability of Small Tourism Businesses by focussing on skills and product development, quality assurance and access to finance thereby actively supporting the creation of new jobs and maintenance of existing jobs.
Transformation - To increase the participation of black tourism enterprises by focussing on skills development, enterprise development and market access for enterprises that are predominantly black-owned.
Sustainability through Market Access - To increase market access for Small Tourism Businesses, thereby actively supporting the creation of new jobs and maintenance of existing jobs through increased turnover in excess of inflation.
Impact and Sustainability - To actively source programme and grant funding and provide fee-generating services to the tourism sector to enhance the impact and sustainability of TEP.

Modus Operandi

TEP offers a portfolio of services and solutions for small tourism businesses, Corporate South Africa, Government institutions as well as local and international tourists.

With a long-term tourism development focus spanning 25 years and beyond TEP works with Government, Parastatals and Private Sector in creating and managing partnerships that service economic development and transformation goals.

TEP's role in the tourism industry becomes more clearly defined as a necessary and active participant in the tourism service chain. It develops people (skills) and products (quality and diversity), in a combined format, for the purpose of creating an 'alternative face' to the traditional tourism experience of South Africa. Exposing this undiscovered element of South Africa brings these products, a combination of room inventory and rich heritage experiences that are lying dormant and under-utilised, into the mainstream of tourism.

This holistic strategic focus aims to alter the status quo and bring about the necessary change to grow the tourism economy in a responsible, focused and sustainable manner.


Lead by a prominent board of directors TEP is managed by a small and effective management team who delivers innovative leadership in tourism development projects.

To implement its enterprise development services TEP has a Business Development Fund and Business Development offices in each of the nine provinces of South Africa.

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